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Private School and College Guidance:
Finding the appropriate school for your child

One of the most important yet agonizing choices that parents must make is finding the perfect school or college for their child. As every student is unique in their learning styles and preferences, so are all of the private schools and colleges. The task of sorting through school programs, finding the corresponding entrance exams, writing essays, scheduling interviews, and making the final selection can all be very daunting to parents. Let Westport Educational Consultants shoulder the burden by taking your family through the whole process.

Enrichment Services

Many children need more intellectual stimulation than school will typically provide. Westport Educational Consultants is happy to offer your child specialized enrichment services in several realms. These include science, math, reading, writing,  and art. Our team of experts offer one-on-one tutoring packages which will fulfill your child's need to dig deep into his/her specific area of interest. Our science enrichment focuses on hands-on experiments. In math, you child will be challenged by difficult logic problems, play hands-on math games, and stretch his/her thinking to new levels. Reading enrichment includes being introduced to classic pieces of children's literature, which will increase your child's breadth and depth of understanding in language, vocabulary, and stories. Writing enrichment is tailored to your child's express interests: fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, fantasy, etc. Art enrichment can be either a media series which explores various techniques using a variety of media, or an artist series which explores the qualities of a group of artists. All of our enrichment programs can be enhanced through the use of the latest technology. 

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

All children possess unique learning preferences and differences. Westport Educational Consultants specialize in assisting ALL children in reaching their true academic potential through our customized tutoring services. Some students require homework support, while others need new ways to look at problem solving strategies to improve organization, reading, writing, and/or math skills. Our expert tutors will find the optimal ways to help your child be the very best student s/he can be.

Top Private School and College Entrance Exam Prep: SAT, ACT, ISEE and SSAT

SSAT/ISEE: Westport Educational Consultants specializes in private school guidance and placement, so it is no surprise that we also offer the very best in test prep services. Our highly experienced tutors provide the strategies and practice necessary to help your child reach the highest possible exam scores. Whether your child is taking the ISEE or the SSAT, we offer several prep packages which all include an initial pretest/assessment, which will hone in on the area where your child needs the most practice. Rest assured that once your child completes his/her customized prep, his/her scores will greatly improve.

SAT/ACT: At WEC, we will help you and your child decide which of these college entrance exams makes the most sense. We offer comprehensive exam preparation taught by industry experts. 

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