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Test Prep

We have been receiving wonderful accolades!

"Mary is by far the BEST math educator! She managed to bring my son's SAT math score up over 200 points!" - R.F., Westport

"I was so glad that I contacted Hallie for my twins ISEE prep. Their scores went from weak to superior and got into their dream school!" -R.P., Westport

"My son has significant learning challenges, especially when it comes to reading. Hallie coached him for his SAT's and he ended up with a perfect 800!" -K.E., Westport

"Mary is so organized and her math instruction is so clear. I now feel totally prepared for my GREs." - A.C., NYC

One-to-One Test Preparation Programs Taught by Highly Experienced Tutors
Your Custom-Made SSAT, ISEE, PSAT, ACT, & SAT Test Preparation Program
Let Westport Educational Consultants help you find which tests your child should take and when to take them. Unlike the "big" tutoring centers, WEC issues diagnostic tests, and then hand-scores and analyzes them to deliver targeted prep. Also, the big tutoring centers generally have young and inexperienced tutors. You will never find that at Westport Educational Consultants, where all of our tutors have advanced degrees and decades of experience.

SAT/ACT Preparation- 24 hours

Learn the basic test format, content, and strategies for the SAT or ACT. This prep package includes a three hour diagnostic test which is hand scored and analyzed, to provide the most focused preparation work for your child. 

SAT/ACT Advanced Preparation- 30 hours
In this  course, your child will receive the same preparation as offered in the 24 hour course, but this also includes a mid-test and a post-test for further preparation refinement. 

SAT/ACT Ultimate Test Prep- 36 hours

The ultimate test prep package provides your child with everything that is included in the 30 hour course, but also gives him/her an opportunity to further practice the skills that he/she has learned. 

SSAT/ISEE Preparation - Choose 24 or 36 hours

Through a pre-consultation session, Westport Educational Consultants will help you in deciding which exam is most appropriate for your child. Then we go on to provide the very best in test preparation and practice. Your package includes a diagnostic test to determine your child's strengths and weaknesses, and then provide targeted prep.  Please note that additional practice sessions are available on an hour-by-hour basis.


PSAT Preparation- Choose 12 or 24 hours

Although the PSAT is essentially a practice test for the actual SAT, it is also a requirement for prospective National Merit Scholars. Let Westport Educational Consultants provide your child with the very best in preparation for this important test, starting with a hand scored diagnostic test. 


Private School and College Essay Writing

Our top notch team of writing experts will provide your child with support and structural techniques to assist him/her in writing a very effective and unique entrance essay. 




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