College Counseling

Susan is our college placement specialist. She offers her clients a personal touch by taking an attentive and honest approach. Susan carefully assesses each client's needs and goals while utilizing her extensive research experience and years of consulting to find the best options for each individual. Susan has assisted dozens of college bound students reach their goals. Her objective is to provide full service and personalized guidance from start to finish. As Susan says, "Finding the right college is a journey. Each student finds the right college fit through exploring both strengths and dreams and plugging themselves into an environment where they will thrive." Susan prides herself on finding the best fit for each student. Initial Consultation $900. Full service counseling $10,000.

"Susan is so pleasant and very patient. She is a very good listener and cares about the kids and the parents. I am recommending her to everyone I know." - M.B., Fairfield

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"Hallie, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being S's tutor and friend...He cares for you and respects you tremendously and is grateful for all of your help" - R.K., Westport

"J loves his time with you! I marvel at your ability to keep him focused and happily engaged!" -M.B., Westport