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Private School Counseling

Westport Educational Consultants would like to help you and your children find the perfect private school placement. Our counseling services range from initial consultation ($900) to full professional counseling services ($10,000). The initial consultation typically includes an interview with parents (and child, if age appropriate), research on schools/programs, and a post-meeting to discuss possibilities. Full counseling services start with the above, but work through the ENTIRE process of organizing school visits, working through applications, including essays, figuring out which entrance exams to take and when, and making the final selections. This can be an arduous process for both students and parents. Why not alleviate the pressure by having an expert assist you? Please call for more information. 203-947-1836

"Hallie's expertise, combined with her calming nature, gave us both the knowledge and tools to go about making the best decision regarding our daughter's schooling. Hallie went above and beyond, far exceeding our expectations." - L.F., Fairfield

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