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Specialized Enrichment Services  

Reading, Writing, and Math
Art, STEM, and Chess

Are you seeking some real academic enrichment for your child? If so, look no further. We at Westport Educational Consultants provide a variety of packages that will not only offer your child the necessary mental challenges you are seeking, but will also guarantee exploratory fun!

You may choose from any the following 8 lesson packages:

          * Math (PreK-12)

          * Creative Writing (3-12)

          * Poetry (3-12)

          * Reading (PreK-12)

          * Memoir (Adults)



 Educational Consultants is proud to provide creative enrichment opporunities for your child. You may choose from the following 8 session classes:


       * Artists series: (PreK-5) Have your child learn the techniques/styles of 8 different painters while working on their own techniques/styles.


      * STEM Series: (Pre-K-5) Is your child obsessed with experimentation?  If so, this is the class for her/him! Chemistry, Physics, and Math concepts come together in this engaging, hands-on class!


      * Chess: (K-12)  Playing chess actually makes us smarter. It not only improves IQ, but also enhances mathematical skills, sharpens critical thinking, boosts emotional intelligence, and hones verbal skills. Whether your child is learning chess for the first time, or requires a true challenger for games, Westport Educational Consultants has the right chess tutor for you. 


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